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Sharing a post still lying in draft

Sharing a post still lying in draft!

Saturday, February 13, 2010


February 13th, 2010


It has been a long time since I last posted a nice and long blog. I think the last time that I blogged, the thing had become rather personal and this time I would not like to make that mistake. Sorry to disappoint some people, but I think that writing a nice piece on the blog means that I transport you from the real world in which you live into the imaginary and dreamy world in which I love to live, and indeed have been living for the past three decades!! I might add here, that my wife does not think very highly of me whenever I do this, for though she does admire my capacity to literally weave stories out of nowhere, she is much more realistic, and as per my onw very personal opinion, she is much more materialistic than I can ever hope to become!!
Having said that, I think I should now turn to safer grounds. Today is the day before the 14th of February, which is celebrated the world over as Valentine's day. I would not like to indulge too much into how or why the Valentine's Day came to be celebrated, or about the historical facts behind this day of the lovers, except to say that it has always been a very personal dream of mine to have at least one Valentine in my life-time. So lover(s) all over the world, celebrate, for this is one author who is not going to stop you from celebrating this festival the way YOU want to celebrate it. There is, however, a word of caution to all those young boys who love a pretty girl with all their might, but have not or can not express their love to them, for whatever reason. Love is very definitely a two-way street, you can be technically in love ONLY when the love is reciprocated by the person concerned, be it a boy loving a girl or a girl loving a boy. You cannot profess yourself to be in LOVE, when only you have the feelings of love and the other person is not even aware of the fact !! I have seen a lot of cases where people have not professed their feelings of love until it becomes too late to do so, and then they do either one of two things, because all such people fall basically into just two broad categories.

First I would like to talk about the more noble kind of people, who usually are painfully aware of the fact that while it is easy to feel the slight of not having their love returned in equal measure, are also aware that not every person in this whole wide world can be friendly with you. Not only that, these are people who pursue the person whom they love, with the hope, however faint it may be, with the sole objective of trying to make that person understand that they are being loved and obviously, because they want that their love is returned in equal measure, they are also the same people who, once convinced that the other person is not ever going to respond the way that they are expected to, for whatever reason they may have for doing so, will never ever attempt to come back into the life of the person concerned, because love can happen only once with that particular person. While it is true that in some cases, the other person may not realise that it was true love the first time around and therefore can be given another chance, provided that there is a reasonable time limit within which they do so. I think I fall into this category, because of no reason other than the fact that since my childhood, I have had tendencies of doing things which have been noble. Some of the instances that have been narrated to me by my mother, for they were of a time when I was a really small child, seem rather inexplicable to me even today, but they say that a fact is a fact and cannot be ignored. So be it, then!!

Next, we come to the category of people who take upon themselves the task of teaching the person who reject's their love a lesson. For the love of God, I cannot imagine why people wish to steal His job all the time!! Anyway, coming back to the narrative, all that I would like to say about such people is that no person can define what another person should or should not do, unless that other person happens to be your parent!! If he/she does not want to become your boyfriend/girlfriend, then there is no power on this earth that can convince them otherwise. You can try to convince some one once, twice .. and so on and so forth .. but upto a limit (everybody has a different limit, and while mine may extend upto a dozen attempts, others may try a little more or a little less ... no way should it extend infinitely!!). You simply cannot teach another person how to love you, because love just happens .. it can NEVER EVER be planned .. if it has been, then it was never love in the first place!! A lot of people get confused in the difference between being in love and being obsessed, infatuated, lustful and a host of similar feelings that a healthy young misguided person can have for another of the opposite sex.

A lot of people ask me who that particular some one was, to which I can only answer that I am not going to mention anything about that person, simply because I have been sworn to secrecy by someone very close ... besides, I would hate to cause her any harm at all, because that was never and is never ever going to be an objective of my life!! I can only say that I wish that she be happy where ever she may be at this point of time, and if she may happen to read this article, I would want her to laugh and wonder if it is her that I am writing about!!